Top Kitchen Lighting Tips to Improve Your Home

By | February 11, 2017

The primary focus and function of any kitchen is that of cooking.

Today though, the kitchen is at the heart of the home and as such, should be bright and welcoming. Kitchen lighting can help to create this type of atmosphere, as well as helping to create different zones and focal points in the kitchen space.

Below we share some top kitchen lighting tips to improve the look, feel and function of your home.

Pendant lights

kitchen with pendant lights over the tablePendant lights really come into their own when used in a kitchen setting. These type of lights can be hung over designated areas, so as to give focus and definition.

For example large pendant lights that are hung low over the dining area, give a sense of warmth and added light where it is needed.

The real beauty of pendant lighting is that there are many styles and shapes to choose from. Therefore, this type of lighting can easily fit into your kitchen décor.

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Ceiling lighting

Rather than having one large strip light or LED strip running the length of the kitchen ceiling, it is best to have individual ceiling lights. Popular choices for ceiling lighting include spotlights, that can be recessed into the ceiling, and which throw out a bright light.

Other options include stand alone halogen lights, that can be angled, so as to shed light onto specific areas in the kitchen.

LED strips

Many individuals shy away from strip lighting in the kitchen, believing them to be too harsh, but when used correctly they help to add definition and interest to the space.

Great places to use them are along shelves and kitchen worktops. They can also be bought in varying colours to match the colour tone of your kitchen.

Under cabinet lights

The best type of lighting to use here is ambient and recessed lights. A simple spotlight or thin strip of lighting will add enough definition for you to prepare food, without being too harsh.

Correct kitchen lighting dramatically improves your home.

Ideally, lighting should be warm, inviting and practical. Use LED downlights on work areas, and pendant lighting on the dining area.

The correct lighting in your kitchen can help to improve your home.

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