How To Choose Between Halogen and LED Lighting In Your Home

By | February 11, 2017

When looking at Halogen lighting the first thing that comes to mind is a filament encased in a glass bulb compared with Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which produce light by passing electricity through a semi-conductor.

LED lighting is unquestionably more expensive than halogen but each have their own for and against features so you need to know where you want the lighting to be and decide on your best option.

Halogen lamps get hotter than regular lighting, the heat is essential to it working so there is always a risk of fire or burning. However, this lighting is the cheapest and most the common bulbs you will find in shops.

Video: Philips GU10 LED vs Halogen Light

Both halogen and LED lighting comes on instantly at full brightness when turned on, unlike most other energy saving lighting, which takes a while to warm up. LED lights have become very popular for home lighting as they use very little energy, last a long time and come on instantly when you flick the switch.

What Are The Cons Of LED Lighting?

The only downside with LED is the quality of the light which sometimes comes across as a bit blueish compared to the warmness of the halogen bulbs. According to a recent study by Harvard University, blue light could be harmful to your health.

Halogen lighting is best used in areas that are not used that often like attics and garages as it not only lights the room but the excess heat helps warm the room as well. In well used rooms of the house especially the kitchen LED is the better option.

Both lighting options are able to be dimmed if needed like in a bedroom or TV room to create a better atmosphere however in both cases an external dimmer will be needed.

As both types of lighting use different kinds of technology it would be worth having a chat with an electrician if you wanted to have this option.

Both types of lighting are good and have their advantages.

Don’t be put off by the cost of LED lighting when it is the most energy efficient option and you will save over time.

Similarly with halogens the lighting may not last as long and be as energy efficient but it is a cheaper option offering brighter lighting.

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