How to Choose the Best Celing Lights for Your Home

By | February 18, 2017

One important aspect of your home is that of lighting, as it helps to create a sense of warmth, of belonging as well as helping with the daily practicalities of life.

When it comes to ceiling lights, then there are many different designs and styles to choose from. Below we focus upon LED lighting, spotlights, strip lights and pendant lights, sharing where each of these ceiling lights are best used within the home.

LED lighting

Picture of three LED ceiling lights

Recessed LED ceiling lights help you achive a flawless look to your rooms.

LED lighting is an incredibly versatile light and can be used anywhere within the home.

Popular rooms are those of the kitchen, bathroom and living room. These lights can be positioned exactly where they are needed in the ceiling, and can be adjusted according to brightness levels.

They are usually recessed into the ceiling to create a sleek and modem feel to the room. This light, although bright, is incredibly cost effective and long lasting.


Spotlights are the ideal choice when you need to light a particle area of a room, while keeping the rest of the room subdued. Kitchens often use the ceiling spotlight to illuminate workbench areas, or a kitchen island.

In a living room they can be used to illuminate a bookcase or a much loved chair where you like to sit and read.

When used in the dining room, they can create ambient lighting, in that they illuminate the dining area while the rest of the room can be dimly lit.

Pendant lights

Retro hanging pendant light picture

Retro pendant lights are all the rage at the moment! Check out for some great options

Pendant lights are incredibly picturesque and are available in a variety of styles and colours. This type of lighting is most often seen in dinning rooms overlooking the dining table, but it can be used in almost any room to create a focal point of interest.

For example, pendant lighting can be used in the kitchen over the work surfaces, and in the bedroom over the dressing table.

Strip lights

This is probably the most harshest of all lights, but it does have its purpose. If you need a lot of light to illuminate a space, then this is the lighting you should opt for. This type of lighting is ideal in an art studio, office environment or the kitchen, if you prefer a bright room to work in.

As with all lights for the ceiling, what you choose very much depends upon your individual taste and the function of the light.

Lighting plays a vital role in every room of your home. Choose lighting that reflects your personality, is functional and creates that special feeling of home

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