About Us

Nowadays, there is a lot of misinformation spread about lighting. It can be incredibly confusing for people looking for lighting in their home, especially with the advent of newer lighting technologies such as LED Lighting.

Allure Lighting was set up to provide helpful help and advice for the average consumer looking for the best lighting in their home. By reading our blog we hope for you to accomplish three main things:

  1. Get more information to help you make and informed decision on your lighting
  2. Get ideas and links to useful videos, websites and pictures where you can purchase the best in lighting products.
  3. Discover the best places to buy unique lighting products.

Our History

Allure Lighting used to be a a growing business that provides high-quality wall mirrors, wall art, furniture and other home furnishings to the general public throughout the Bromley area and now to the whole of the UK through our online shop.

Keep returning back to our blog for help and advice on quality furniture for every room of your house from Luv-It and CPW. Classic, contemporary and modern mirrors from Gallery, Yearn Glass and Luv-It. Add those finishing touches with original and modern wall art from local artists, Gallery and The Affordable Art Company. Artwork is available on perspex and canvas as well as modern textured art.