5 Primary Reasons to Invest in LED Lighting

By | February 11, 2017

LED lighting has taken over the market with manufacturers using it in products that are used in applications such as security and pool lights.

Everywhere you turn, it will be possible to find a homeowner investing in the latest LED lights. Compared to traditional lighting, the technology used in LEDs offers different results, which is why it has become popular.

Here are 5 reasons you should be buying in LED lighting:

1. Energy Efficiency

The biggest motivation to switch to LED bulbs is their ability to conserve energy.modern led lights can enhance your kitchen

LED lights are designed to consume only a fraction of the power that incandescent bulbs use up. The increased destruction of the environment has led to numerous efforts to reduce energy wastage.

By reducing the amount of energy consumed by your lighting fixtures, you will contribute towards a safer environment. Then there is the benefit of slashing your power bills.

The high cost of fuel translates to high energy bills for consumers, but with LED downlights, you can control those expenses.

2. Long Life

It costs a lot to change light bulbs every few months. Incandescent bulbs tend to burn out after about 1,500 hours of use.

LED lights, on the other hand, can give you up to 50,000 hours, depending on how long you keep your lamps on.

Additionally, LEDs don’t burn out; rather they reduce the intensity of light, so you can tell when it’s time to get a new bulb.

3. Ruggedness

Some light fixtures have to withstand a lot of harsh conditions. With any other bulbs, you will have to worry about breakage, vibrations and shocks, but not with LED lighting.

The lack of glass enclosures and filaments is what makes LEDs so sturdy. It means that you can install your LED bulbs just about anywhere and not have to fret over their durability.

4. No Heat

Incandescent lights turn most of their power to radiated heat, which is why they are hot to the touch. LEDs don’t produce radiation, and that means you can fit them in areas that can’t tolerate heat.

You can also change an LED bulb without risking burns.

In addition to this, you also won’t run the risk any potential fires in your home.

5. Dimmability

When you want to achieve mood lighting, the dimmability of LEDs comes in handy. You can dim LED downlights up to 10% of light output compared to the 30% of fluorescents.

The cost of making traditional bulbs dimmable is very high while LEDs can work with a variety of systems.

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